Mission Statement: Who We Are


The three principle partners of Financial Education Resources have a combined ten decades of experience in financial services and planning.  Glenn, Paul and Hadley are each Certified Financial Planners (CFP’s) and genuinely believe in the important philosophy and requirements in obtaining and retaining this title.



All of the following are principles and guidelines that are important to us to meet our own standards of a financial planning relationship:


We believe the financial planning process is inextricably interwoven into the context of who each individual is; their family, their goals, their entire financial situation. 


We are affiliated with an independent Broker-Dealer (Securities America, Inc. A registered broker dealer member FINRA, SIPC). That gains us access to a vast swath of the investment universe, with the ability to choose from thousands of mutual funds, stocks, bonds, CD’s, annuities and other types of investments services.


Financial planning is a step by step process. It begins with becoming familiar with your situation and what’s most important to you.  It proceeds from general concepts and understandings, and only then moves on to specific possible directions.  We think it’s rare to need to be in a rush. We prefer a deliberate, thoughtful process and to make sure each step you choose makes sense to you.


We believe our clients are best served if we can help them know and understand much of what we know and understand on a given subject.  Rather than be in charge of making the decisions, Its the client that ultimately makes all the decisions based on our recomendations and it’s our goal to help you have enough information to make informed decisions. Each step or direction can have positive and negative outcomes; we strive to make you aware of both ends of that equation to the best of our ability.


The nature of the process and relationship requires open lines of communication, easy access for the client, and communication that includes more than just facts and figures.

Planning not just a strategy

Financial planning is dynamic and ongoing. There is not just a “strategy” but an ongoing and potentially lifelong process, that evolves as conditions and individuals change.